for entrepreneurs who want to create a business that serves this planet, while becoming a better version of themselves along the way.

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CB Mastermind

A monthly in person conscious business mastermind of ethical entrepreneurs who help each other grow.

Zen Entrepreneur™

A 4 month online group program that helps female entrepreneurs build or scale a business consciously.

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My focus is being of service to entrepreneurs and small business owners. I believe that small businesses can heal the planet and our people but I know how challenging starting up and scaling up a business can be. Which is why I take my time to share tips and tricks to help other entrepreneurs get ahead.

A story
I was never one to shy away from life’s hardships and challenges.  From a young age I was always playing in the sea and started sailing single-man (woman) dinghies at the age of 9.…
Go within for business success
Go within for Business Success – Yasmin de Giorgio I’m going to start by telling you a quick story of when I was 13 years old and I went to an all girls boarding…
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