About Me

About me

Hi I am Yasmin de Giorgio, founder of Sanya. I am a serial entrepreneur who launched 3 brands in the health and wellness space within 5 years.

 After struggling with burn-out and stress myself and literally getting to the point where I wanted to quit my businesses (which mean the world to me) I used my training in yoga and meditation to create the Emotional Mastery Method™ which is my signature system that I use to help my clients find Success Over Stress™
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Online courses

Check out my programs page for the full list of my programs & courses


You can find my in-person workshops, coaching programs, retreats & events at Sanya Malta.


I offer wellness mentoring & personal coaching online and at   Sanya Malta

Client testimonials

Sarah Woods
she malta

Yas has been and continues to be a great mentor to me on my journey to go within, helping me to access and connect with my true self and to operate from a space of inner peace


Ellie Carl
ellie & carl skin care

Yasmin has a beautiful consciousness around how to build sustainable businesses and help others to retain a sustianable and conscious life. She has so much experience and a goal to help as many as possible.

She is a true visionary on a mission. I've got so much inspiration and growth through the retreat and conscious mastermind arranged by Yasmin. I trust her and believe in her programs and can recommend her as a mentor. I've seen her knowledge, passion and unique way and will to help others in action.